Smartphones are pretty much essential to modern living, but they have a tendency to cause interruptions at the most inconvenient times. Whether you’re heading into a meeting, or going out for a date, here are some approaches you can take to make your phone less of a distraction.

Hi guys, Tim here from Launch Accounting

Today I want to talk to you about your phone  and how it is fucking up your foccus. This happens to me, this happens to my team; this happens to so many of my clients. We’ll sit here with our phones beside us, we’ll be doing work and an email comes through, well stop and we’ll check it. Text message comes through, we’ll stop, we’ll check it. Oh well jump on instagram for 5 seconds and see this, look at this notification, we’ll do this. All of a sudden half a hour, a hour has gone and we still haven’t done what we were meant to fucking do. What you need to do if you suffer from this and i know some of you guys do because some of you guys watching this are my clients and i walk in to your office and i see you do it while we are in meetings and im responsible as well at times. You need to put this fucker away, you need to get this phone, put it on flight mode or divert it to your office, put it in your desk draw and focus on one task at a time. Don’t check your emails, don’t check your messages, don’t take the phone calls. Do one task, stop check your phone; return the phone calls if you want, return your messages. Put it away work on another task, if you’re sitting in a meeting with your phone face up on your table how is the person you’re having a meeting with meant to really feel like they’re apart of the meeting, if you’re even interested in talking to them. When you’re sitting there with your phone up waiting to see what comes through  its absoloute busllshit, its crap. Ok people say i can’t live without my phone, its a lie 30 years ago they didn’t have phones only had landlines and pagers and they got through how much fucking better would life be. If you’re suffering from that this is what you need to do:

  • You need to stop
  • You need to blank out your day
  • Put in time for your social media
  • Put in time for your messages
  • Put in time for your emails

Stick to those time slots , you need to own your time, you need to control your own destinee. Don’t let your team, don’t let your customers and try not let your family manage your time okay? You need to manage your own time and be a leader and do it properly. So if you’re struggling put this away and get some work done.

Look forward to talking to everyone soon.

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