Just like This Little Piggy, we all need roles & responsibilities. Weather you are the Little Piggy that went to the market, or the little piggy that stayed home, it is imperative that we determine these roles up front in order for each member of our organisation to perform their role to the up most of their ability. Check out the Vlog below for the full run down.

Hi Guys, Tim here from Launch Accounting & Advisory. Today I wanted to talk to you about roles & responsibly and job descriptions within your business. Now, roles & responsibilities and job descriptions are stuff that everyone knows about. We’ve all been doing it, we all just do it as part of the course of business, but why are you actually doing it? What is the power of having your roles and responsibilities for each single job description within your business? What is the power of it and how can I help???

So the problem is if your staff don’t have a clearly defined role and they don’t understand why they are doing it and how to do it and how to do it well they’re not going to be able to perform to their peak abilities, now what we need to do for each team member is, first of all we need to understand what team member requirements do we need to get our business to where we want it to be.  Then break that down and then really clearly define there job descriptions and what they  need to be doing in the business  to help the business and yourself personally as a business owner to get to where you want to be and not only in business but in life as well .

So once we understand what people we need and what roles there going to play in the business from the job description point of view we need to break down there job roles and responsibilities and we need to communicate this with them very clearly as to why they need to be doing this and what they actually need to be doing and then how they need to be doing it.

So if you’ve already got people in your business it’s a really good time to get them to start listing out exactly what they are doing on a daily basis and start breaking it down, and look some of these tasks they’re going to be daily some of these tasks are going to be weekly some of these tasks might only be yearly or quarterly in what they do but it’s really important that we know exactly the roles and responsibilities of every position within your company.

Once we have that that, what we need to do is build out the training for these people so what happens in businesses  we have natural nutrition we have employee turnover some employees will stay for 10years somewhat only stay for 10months and that’s life people on people don’t work out umm and its nothing wrong with that we just need to make sure that we plan for it within the business and we do it and we do it well so once we understand the roles and responsibilities for every different position description within your organization and we have them listed out step by step we need to go and start doing training for it

And look everything we do these days online so it makes it so much easier than what it used to be and you know, we use to have the old checklist and then the only screenshots on paper on how to do it so much easier than that now, now we can just do videos we can do screen capture, upload these screen captures to your internet or umm to YouTube or one of the other video hosting sites and put a link to each individual umm responsibility that your employee has which will be a training video on why they’re doing it  and actually how they do it and if your apart of this process with your team member, you should be able to find out what they’re doing and also refine the process to try and make it more efficient and what we find in business is that we continually just do stuff and when you ask people why you the answer oh not too sure that’s how we’ve always done it no one stops to think how could we do this better.

So it’s important you’re involved in this process, and those trainings documented videoed and made easy for incoming team members to understand why there doing it and that’s going to help you scale and train your staff quicker and easier and it’s going to grow your business a lot more.

Now if you don’t have your system online so if the path their processing is a manual process it’s not hard to film this on your phone on your iPhone or however else you want to do it and upload that into the system and you’ve still got the same level of training video. umm so a perfect example of that might be a trades person on their expectations on when they go to a customer’s house on how they clean up after themselves how they take off their shoes how they greet people, how they might put down a towel before they start working.

Things like that, those little things are going to make a massive difference to the performance of your business over time so guys break it down make it nice and easy build in some great training systems and scale your business a lot quicker, alright guys that’s it for today, look forward to talking to everyone soon.