If you are reading this article and you 1. Don’t have a professional camera and knowledge of photography and 2. Don’t have the time to research how to take quality pictures on your iPhone, this is the article for you! Photography is very important in the world of small businesses as it is a way to portray your brand, products and services. So in this article we have summed up the 5 best tips to get you taking amazing iPhone photos for your business!

Simple is best

There should be one main aspect of the image that you want your customers to focus on, make sure the surrounding objects or people are at a minimum as this will only be distractive to the viewer. Also, keeping photos simple creates less clutter and therefore, automatically the photo becomes of higher quality. A simple tip here is to use portrait mode on your iPhone/android phone. Simply push the screen to highlight where you want the camera to focus and your iPhone will do the rest. It automatically blurs out the background and highlights your product. Hello pro status.

Capture close up detail

This tip is most important if you would like to display the quality of an item, for example a desert that your restaurant specialises in. If you shoot from too far away, you will never be able to capture the intricate details of the item and this is what make the photo go from ordinary to AMAZING.

Avoid flash & Zoom!

The light flash on the iPhone is not a flash in comparison to quality cameras. The flash on real cameras may help create enough light to improve an image however, the iPhone LED light is too small and weak for the effect. A perfect replacement for a flash is using natural lighting or bright lamps on either side of the images. You will find these techniques will really increase the brightness of your image. Zooming on the other hand is just as bad and for the same reasons – the iPhone just isn’t equipped with the professional camera quality of this tool. So, rather than zooming in and losing focus of the subject, try getting closer to the subject and allowing the iPhone to focus on the image before capturing. So the best way to get a pro photo here is to take your item to a window or outside and get up close!

Use the burst tool for action shots

If you want to get an action shot, the burst tool is perfect for this available on the iPhone. The burst tool allows you to hold the camera button for as many seconds as you need, which will take a rapid succession of photographs. Once the photos have been taken, you can then review and pick out the action shots you were looking for!

Enhance your photos with VSCO filters

OF course every photo you take will not be 100% perfect, however using the VSCO filter tool can definitely bring it close to perfection! Forget reading about the techniques of editing, as these are lengthy and have all been summarised and composed together in modern day technology such as VSCO filters. Download the VSCO app and from there you can play around with the images in many different ways, adjusting brightness, contrast, angle, depth, colour saturation, fading/blurring and more!


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