Are you ready to kick some massive goals this year? Watch our 12 month planning Vlog to get you on your way. 

Hi guys, Tim here from Launch Accounting.

I thought we’d come to you today and just have a bit of a chat about planning out the next 12 months. So we’ve just got through the Christmas period we’ve come back refreshed and excited well hopefully you’ve come back refreshed and excited because that’s what you should be doing over the break and you’re really ready to kick some massive goals this year it makes a massive difference in your business and how you go about it. So many people start getting overwhelmed just from the thought of where to start so the best thing to do when you starting to plan the next 12 months of the year it’s just really think where you are now how far you’ve come so it’s really important that you’ve got a lot of gratitude of how far you’ve come in your business and and what you’ve achieved so far and start looking at that to say okay well where do I want to be in the next 12 months time.

So let’s set some realistic goals for the next 12 months and that might be based on the number of team members you have, your turn over, your profitability whatever goals are really going to directly relate to improving your lifestyle and get you to where you want to be.

So have that 12 month goal write it down put it on a sheet, stick it on your wall and then what we need to do from there is we need to break that twelve months down into four quarters, what we do is you break those four quarters into twelve week sessions twelve weeks we write down what we’re going to do for those twelve weeks to make sure that we’re going to achieve the goal in that quarter and then after those twelve weeks have a week off have a break. 

It’s really important that if you’re going to achieve your goals that you’ve rested and you’re recharged and you’re not burning yourself out here because once you start burning yourself out what you’re gonna find is that you’re going to end up doing your big days but you’re not going to achieve anywhere near as much is what you do when you first come back from holidays and you’re motivated in your fresh, so what we’re going to do is set our 12-month goal we’re going to break that down into four quarters break our four quarters the end of the twelve weeks okay and every week step by step we’re going to list out two five or six things or we’re going to do that week  let us hope it’s going to help you reach a goal and improve, that might be we’re gonna do this for marketing or we’re going to hire a marketing person or we’re going to make sure that we talk to five new potential clients that week or we’re going to get into making sales calls or we’re going to work on one system in the business to help the admin team or we’re going to do one a week it’s really important to have those goals down each week and then make sure you cross them off and if you miss one week and you don’t get them all done drag it to the next week and make sure they get done and really keep yourself  accountable.

It’s about tipping off those small things those small wings in the business are going to add up to big things over a 12-month period you just  need to break them down to small ones and just do one at a time make sure you get them done and once the result start changing the way your business is structured and the way it will be for the next 12 months of the year all right guys get to it look forward to talking everyone again soon.

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